The Sikh Gurus ~ Book by Dr. JS Bhatia


The Sikh Gurus
(A Journey from proclamation of the
Sikhism to The Birth of Khalsa Panth)

Sikh history could be seen as having transformed from a totally TIMID society into a totally COURAGEOUS ONE, that challenged the  mightiest of the mighty oppressors and tyrants of the time. The 10 Gurus systematically working with the downtrodden, demoralized and oppressed people, and brought out this wonderful transformation.

Evolution of Sikh Gurus

This booklet contains basic information on the Sikh Gurus, Sikh rituals, daily prayers and a glimpse of some of the salient historical events. The document is merely a compilation of information that has been gathered from books, literature, leaflets, and social sites or through Net surfing etc. Some relevant photographs have also been picked up from available sources. I have ventured this attempt purely as a missionary zeal to facilitate teaching-learning aid without seeking any form of commercial gain.

This booklet is merely a compilation of information, (on having considered it’s relevance to the society), gathered from various  documents such as books, chronicles, magazines, leaflets, social media reports (online/offline) including clipping from News Papers, valuable thoughts (both written and spoken) from some luminaries, religious leaders, scholars, social reformers (both Sikhs and Non Sikhs) etc. The base document used, that gave me an impetus to abridge the information, has been taken from a book entitled ‘A History of the SIKHS’ by Khushwant Singh, Oxford University Press 2nd edition (2004). Having decided to move forward, I did extensive surfacing of the social web sites such as, speaking, cultural, BBC, Religion (,, sikhiwiki, free Sikh encyhclopaedia (,,,, and many more web sites to compile appropriate and relevant material.

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