Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 1


To help pass the time, Sikhlens has uploaded some of our classic films to YouTube channel for you to watch in the comfort of your home.

Three new films were added this past week. If you like these films, you can subscribe to our channel to see additional Sikhlens films. Feel free to share these with friends and family. If you would like us to make more of these films, please help support Sikhlens at

Please enjoy these 3 Sikhlens films:

I RUN WHILE TALKING TO GOD: Athletes have enjoyed hero-worship for thousands of years, because of their amazing feats. But who can top Fauja Singh running a full marathon at age 101? This remarkably humble, jaunty, world-class athlete and survivor of much grief and the death of loved ones, thanks God for his health and his joyful outlook on life.

Please enjoy the movie, I Run While Talking To God.

SIKH LOVE: An amazing filmmaker has managed to win the trust of a variety of Sikh women, who speak to the camera about their personal feelings, emotions, and experiences involving various forms of love. They open up more honestly and frankly about Sikh hearts and minds, than has ever been seen before on film. Let them share with you, what they may not even share with their own loved ones. It’s astonishing. It’s Sikh Love.

Please enjoy the movie, Sikh Love.

NARRY THE TAILOR: In Bangkok, Thailand, Narry-the-tailor and his family continue his father’s perfectionism by creating impeccable custom-made suits for fans who come from all parts of the globe, because of the quality of work coming out of their bustling shop. His philosophy is simple: a custom piece of clothing inspires great self-confidence, something every businessman values. 

Please enjoy the movie, Narry the Tailor.

Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival
– November 20-22, 2020 –

Please see part 2 here: Sikhlens Film Archive on YouTube Pt 2

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