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Shubhadeep Choudhury
Tribune News Service

Kolkata, August 30

The featuring of a Sikh soldier on the homepage of the official website of the British Army has warmed the hearts of Kolkata-based Sikhs, many of whom are posting the link on their respective Facebook pages.

“The Sikhs, wherever they go, leave a mark by their good work. Chamandeep’s story also shows how versatile the community members are,” said Jagmohan Singh Gill, Kolkata-based Sikh researcher and chief of the Punjabi Sahitya Sabha.

“Sikhs have been an integral part of the British Army. It is good to see the story of a Sikh soldier on the homepage of the British Army,” said Bhupinder Singh, poet and executive with a city mall.

Corporal Chamandeep Singh, a soldier in The Royal Logistic Corps of the British army, has become a Twitter sensation in the corps after his wife, Ceese Kaur Seera, tweeted of his recent promotion.

According to the official website of the British Army (, the tweet by Ceese, intended for family and friends, received 7,200 likes and over 500 retweets and comments. The British found the response “unexpected yet positive”.

Chamandeep, whose father was with the Indian Army, was born in Punjab and attended a military school in India for 12 years. According to the piece on Chamandeep posted on British Army homepage, he read a good deal about Havildar Major Rajinder Singh Dhatt who participated in the Burma Campaign during WWII as a member of the British Indian Army. Dhatt’s story inspired Chamandeep to move to the UK and join the British Army.

Acknowledging the “fierce fighting ability, bravery and loyalty” of the Sikhs, the piece says Chamandeep “is extremely proud to be part of the 150 Sikhs serving in the Regular Army”.

Ceese Kaur Seera works as a Forensic Scene Investigations Officer and is also the National Lead for The National Sikh Police Association.

“We support each other by having a mutual understanding that is built on teamwork and trust. As a Sikh, it’s so wonderful for our community to see soldiers going up the ranks and achieving so much,” Ceese has been quoted to have said.

Chamandeep was posted to 22 Signals Regiment in October 2017 where he now works as part of the Unit Spares Account providing first-line equipment support to the Light Aid Detachment.

“I just couldn’t believe how many people from all around the world shared and commented on my wife’s tweet; it made me feel so proud to be a Sikh soldier and serve this country,” Chamandeep has been quoted to have said.

In addition to his military role, Chamamdeep also thrives as an Engagement Representative for the Defence Sikh Network, of which he has been a part of for the last five years.

Formerly known as the British Armed Forces Sikh Association, the Defence Sikh Network aims to unite and support Sikh personnel, veterans and MoD civil servants in Britain.

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