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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa!
Waheguru Ji Ki Fatheh!


I first found out about Khalsa Kirpans through following Jagmeet Singh – Federal Leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party. I was so intrigued by its appearance and just how different it’s look was compared to all the Indian made Kirpans I have seen and owned. Soon enough I realized Jagmeet was wearing a Khalsa Kirpan, which led me to and since then I have been extremely fascinated. I want to thank Jot Singh Khalsa for his dedication and work in creating a Kirpan I am proud to wear every day. The work of Jot Singh is something to be extremely proud of and grateful for as it is truly remarkable. The various artisan Kirpans, Jot Singh has created are just exquisite and regarding quality – are the best! The reason I am so in love with the work of Jot Singh is that even the compact Kirpans with blades of just 3 inches – are very sharp! I first got the large Ivory Kirpan which was beyond amazing, but I realized for daily use it wasn’t practical because of public perception and New Jersey knife laws – which is something I am working on and will continue to do so, so all formally initiated Sikhs can wear any size Kirpan proudly without fear of getting in trouble.

kirpans PakkaBlack.jpg

Since then I have solely been purchasing compact Kirpans which are still so awesome! Recently, when Jot Singh released the Pakkawood Kirpans I quickly decided to purchase because of its affordability. When I received my compact Pakkawood Kirpan with laser engraved fittings I was in complete awe. The Pakkawood Kirpan is extremely light! Even with it being so light weight, the blade is still just like every single Kirpan – so sharp! Whenever I go to the gym, I don’t even feel it on me!

After a while, I found myself back on and this time I had my eyes on the Mother of Pearl Kirpan. I was always keen on getting the Mother of Pearl Kirpan because of its uniqueness. I am proud that I made the decision to buy the compact Mother of Pearl Kirpan. All 3 compact kirpans I am so blessed to own are Kirpans that I can be proud to wear and show others.

kirpan showing to police 300.png

Recently, I collaborated with the State Police of New Jersey to work on an informative video discussing the Kirpan. I still remember how impressed the troopers were of the Mother of Pearl Kirpan I was wearing.

Everywhere I go I make sure to tell Sikhs and Non-Sikhs about the work of Jot Singh Khalsa. As formally initiated Sikhs it is our duty to always be ready “tyar bar tyar” and owning Khalsa Kirpans from gives me confidence, I have a Kirpan by my side that is ready at a moments notice to serve.

Thank you Jot Singh Khalsa, you have an amazing gift and talent, I am grateful you shared it with the Sikh Community.

Karanveer Pannu
[email protected]

Editor’s Note: The above writing was voluntarily offered with no solicitation or reward from any organization. This is the kind of person he is as evidenced by a recent facebook post:  

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