Importance & Scientific Reasons Behind 5 Kakaar’s or 5 K’s


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Importance and Scientific Reasons behind 5 Kakaar’s or 5 K’s

Reasons for Originating of 5 Kakaar’s or 5 K’s

Guru Gobind Singh Ji has provided us special identification by providing us 5 Kakaar’s (i.e Kesh (Untrimmed Hair), Kara (Steel Bracelet), Kachhehra (Drawers like garment), Kanga (Comb) and Kirpan (Sword) ). So that we can easily be recognised while standing out in a crowd. Moreover, other people who are in any sort of danger or need can easily recognise us and approach us for help at any time.

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1. Kesh ( Untrimmed Hair)

Kesh (14K)Sikhs believe that God is a perfect Creator. Whatever he creates is perfect. The keeping of uncut hair is therefore recognition of God’s perfection and submission of a Sikh to the Will of the God. Moreover , It is also the fact that most of the world’s Prophets and Saints have kept their hair uncut.

Scientific Research About Kesh :
a. Hair on our head protects the skull and brain.
b. Just like the skin, Hair helps to absorb and synthesize Vitamin D from sunlight
c. Hair also helps the pituitary gland (located in head) to produce Phosphorous.
d. Hair on our body regulates our body temperature.
e. Eye lashes, Hair in Nostril and Ears helps to keep out dust particles and air borne
f.  Hair under our armpits prevents friction and irritation when we move our arms.

2. Kara (Bracelet made of Steel)

Kara_worn_on_right_arm (17K)Kara symbolises restrain from evil deeds. It is worn on right hand and anything which may bring shame or disgrace.

Scientific Research About Kara:

  • Kara is made of Steel (an alloy of metal and other elements).
  • Some medical experts have noticed that metal worn next to the skin can influence the blood and it’s flow through the body in a positive manner.

What’s really happening?

Metals have electromagnetic properties and so does the human body. It acts as a conductor of Ionic forces which alter blood flow and energy levels.

3. Kachhehra (Drawers like garment)

th (6K)Kachhehra reminds Sikh to uphold high moral character and also to control hisher desires. Also considering that Sikhs had to regularly fight battles, Kachhehra was made compulsory for making them convenient while engaging in combat.

      Scientific Research about Kachhehra:

Some studies have suggested that tight under garments and high temperature are not optimally conductive for sperm production. The testicles are outside the body for cooling because they operate for sperm production at a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body.

Whereas, the Kachhehra which are not so tight from the below allow testicles to operate within the required temperature range.

Moreover, there is also similar theory of testicular cancer risk by the regular usage of tight undergarments.

4. Kanga ( comb)

Kanga (4K)The possession of Kanga ensures that every Sikh has a means to keep his/her long hairs in a good and clean condition.

Scientific Research about Kanga:

  • a. Combing the hair with Kanga massages the scalp which results into reduction of mental stress.
  • b. Combing the hair with Kanga helps to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp promoting hair growth.

5. Kirpan (Sword)

Kirpan (11K)Kirpan is used for self-defence or to protect a person in need when other peaceful means have failed.

       Scientific Research about Kirpan:

Human Psychology says that By making Kirpan sacred for Sikhs, One is sure that it will be never misuse or disgraced. Since we all know no sensible human will dare to misuse or disgrace any sacred thing.

Thanks for reading and Nanak Naam Chardi Kala, terae bhane sarbat da bhala

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Information reported hereby has been taken from the various Internet sites, Books and Research papers of various Scholars and Institutions for which the whole team of Marco Research Foundation is sincerely indebted to all of them


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