How our Fears Stop us From Living as Saint Soldiers


Fear is a human condition that needs to be understood. Fear is not bad. We need it to tell us not to touch fire. This fear is good because it prevents us from harming ourselves. But fear tends to ingrains itself into our subconscious mind. If you warn a child too much you might instill too much fear in them, so that the child grows up to be afraid of their surroundings without even knowing why. Part of being a conscious adult is sorting through those messages in the subconscious mind is to sort out the wheat from the chaff. We need to sort out what really is dangerous to us, and what was ingrained in us for a very long time. 

All of us have been subject to abuse from our parents. Many of us have a voice in our head from our mother or father that says, “You’re not good enough”. These messages haunt us, and then we pass it down to our children. So we need a conscious effort to identify and create awareness with this pattern. Guru is the light. When you bring light onto the fears that you have 95% of them are dispelled.

If You Have These Fears, How Can You Get Rid of Them?

SSS Ji August 19 2004 – Meditation to Conquer Fear

  1. Close your ears with finger tips.  You can use ear plugs if you wish.  
  2. Focus your eyes at tip of your nose in a relaxed manner.
  3. Chant “wha-hay-guru” out loud.  Focus at the navel as you say “Wha.”  Focus on the heart as you say “Hay.” Focus at your throat as you say “Guru.” Never chant Wahe Guru fast! Chant it slowly, deliberately and correctly.  Smile a little on the sound ‘Hay’”  feel the movement of your lips. Continue for 31 minutes.  Be sure to have a good seal on your ears so that all you hear is your own voice in your head.

    “Sometimes the inner ear is out of balance.  This will get much worse for everyone as the information age gets more intense; no one is exempt. The safety net is the Guru and it’s always there. When our inner ear is out of balance, we don’t know that the safety net is there and we behave as if it isn’t there. That’s when we start reacting with our phobias, fear and insecurity. Doing this meditation daily conquers all fears. It gives you the confidence that you know the safety net is there. It will bring the inner ear back into balance. It will take care of everything .  Anyone who practices this kriya will never have phobias.  You have to teach this to everyone”

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