Guru Nanak, Bhoomi Daku & the 4 Promises


Guru Nanak, Bhoomi Daku & Story of 4 Promises | Full Animation Movie | When Guru Nanak was traveling, he came to a village where a robber lived. The robber’s name was Bhoomi Daku. No one liked him because he was a thief. When he saw Guru Nanak, he respectfully pleaded, “Guru ji will you honor me by coming to my house so I can serve you?” Guru ji took mercy on the thief and said “OK, but before I come to your house, you have to make me four promises. The first promise is: YOU WON’T STEAL FROM POOR PEOPLE. They don’t have much so that’s not fair. The second promise is that from now on: YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SPEAK THE TRUTH. The third promise is: IF YOU GO TO SOMEONE’S HOUSE AND EAT FROM THEIR HOUSE, YOU WILL NOT STEAL FROM THEM. The fourth promise is: YOU WILL NEVER PUT THE BLAME ON SOMEONE ELSE. If you make all these promises, then I will come to your house.”

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