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Rai Singh (Chile):
I didn’t have a good role model, so when I found out about the Gurus I said “Wow. That’s something I can relate to.”

Mukhande Kaur (Venezuela):
I was the only Sikh in my city, and everyone was shocked. Then I started to share with them what it is to be a Sikh. It’s an attitude of being real, and having a spiritual path

Sat Sansar Singh (Chile):
I noticed how people acted after Gurdwara during langar… everyone was so happy. It was a creative mood that made me happy. So I thought there has got to be something in this…

Charan Sev Kaur (Chile):
Sikhism is not well known in Latin America, so I wear bana every day as a seva, to spread the word, and people are always asking me about it. They respond very positively. 

Ram Krishan Singh (Argentina):
When I heard simran I felt something. So I started to explore Gurbani, and Guru Nanak took my heart, and He gave me the key to God’s door.

Sat Pavan Kaur (Chile):
When I went to my first Gurdwara, and bowed my head for the first time my heart opened. It was a flow of loving energy which made me cry. 

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